Messengers of Peace International (MoP) is a humanitarian organization which aims at fighting  poverty and improving the situation of vulnerable people around the world. 


MoP was founded in 1962 in Spain by Father Angel Garcia Rodriguez. Other MoP organizations were subsequently created in many Spanish Autonomies as well as various countries. MoP was created to provide direct support to underprivileged children. Later, Golden Age Association was created in order to focus on elderly people. Messenger of Peace has been awarded Prince of Asturias Prize as well as many other awards.



MoP International headquarters in situated in Madrid. MoP Intenational Headquarters ensures coordination among the MoP organisations worldwide as well as representation at an international and European level. MoP International holds a consultative status with the United Nations. It also works in collaboration with other networks pursuing similar aims (CONGDE, Plataforma de Organizaciones de la Infancia). Despite the fact that the various Messengers of Peace and Golden Age Associations both in Spain and worldwide are not formally joined together to form a Federation, they all share common values and collaborate regularly among each other. MoP aims at helping vulnerable people in general, but focuses in most of the structural programs on young and old people in particular.


Since the challenge of reducing poverty around the world is too big for any single government or organization to tackle alone, MoP carries out its mandate through different programs and projects working together and with partners and allies around the world. Working in partnership is the key to success. MoP works with a variety of trusted partners, including aid agencies from other donor countries, international organizations and non-governmental organizations in Spain and abroad. Also vital to success are the governments and people of developing countries who often lead and run programs. This ensures that progress is sustainable over the long term.

Examples of Projects for elderly people initiated by MOP

  • Surfers Grannies
    Introduction of computer and internet skills to large group of elderly people
  • Golden phone
    24 hours phone line for old people to call when they feel lonely
  • Dog company
    Dogs were trained specifically to give company and look after old people